Tuesday, March 23

relocation relocation relocation

Dear all,

I would like to inform you of my new blog, to which I will be posting from now on. The address is http://p-latitudes.blogspot.com, and an explanation of why the change has been made can be found within!

It would be great if you could bookmark / follow the new blog and whatever else, and I hope to see you there!

I'll be moving posts from Sugiharagami to P-latitudes over the next couple of weeks, so if there's an old post you particularly like you'll still be able to read it :)


Tuesday, March 9

library maths

According to the World Bank, the population of Earth at 13:36pm GMT March 9th 2009 is 6,692,030,277.

My library card number is 20109006909273. I presume this means I opened the 20109006909273rd account with the library.

If I subtract 1 from the population of the world to represent me, then divide my library card number, the number I get is truly staggering.

It appears that EVERY person in the world has, on average, 3004.9 accounts with the libraries of the borough in question.

That would explain why I always have to place a hold on the book I want.

Monday, March 1

pessimism / optimism

Winston Churchill once said "a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty".

Christopher Lee (me) once said "what are you, then, if you see both?"

Because surely there are opportunities in every difficult situation, and once you identify and overcome the difficulties, the opportunities are presented to you. And surely also it is unrealistic to think that there will be no difficulties to overcome just because you can see an opportunity.

Either W.C. was being very cryptic here and implying that everyone is both pessimistic and optimistic, or it was one of his weaker quotes. Either way it is still weaker than his retort to being called drunk: "my dear, you are ugly, and what's more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly".

Sunday, February 28

my new favourite Facebook page:

"I love it when the parents are out of the house!"

It's endorsed by this cheery fellow:

and from what I can tell, peoples favourite things about their parent's absence include:

"crashing the house"
"doing illegal stuff"
"rading the frige"
"haveing the TV up really load"


"eating LOADS of sweets"

Sounds like a hoot, right?

Sunday, February 21

culinary Chris

I'm rather pleased with my culinary exploits over the last week:

Pancake day was Tuesday, and instead of settling for pancake mix as I did last year, I followed an online recipe and learned how to make them properly. The first pancake was a bit dodgy due to an overestimate on the amount of butter required, but from my experience the first is never up to scratch.

To strengthen my pancake skills, I made them again on Tuesday evening with a savoury filling instead of a sweet one as I had done earlier. The filling of choice was sausage casserole, and despite making enough food for ~3 people, it was delicious.

Yesterday evening, Emily, Charlotte and I decided to make cocktails (on account of being too poor to go out for drinks). The cocktail we settled on was Strawberry Daiquiris. (Mainly because it meant only one kind of alcohol needed to be bought (white rum.)) Breaking the ice led to some undesired consequences (a broken jug for example), but eventually we figured out that beating the bag of ice with a rolling pin was the way forward. We then blended strawberries, brown sugar and white rum with the ice and 3 delicious daiquiris were born.

Now I've ran out of things to write, despite acknowledging that I have a huge amount of things to write about. I'm not sure how that works but I don't feel so groovy and I'm really tired so I guess it doesn't matter too much right now :)

Wednesday, February 17

BURST blogging

Expect approximately 6 posts later - for some reason my blogging habits have developed like this. Suits me fine though.

Isn't it a nice day today? It's relatively warm, and the incessant precipitation from the last few days has finally given up and allowed the sun to shine. I noticed this on the way to a job interview this morning, and decided that appreciating the weather from the inside of a bus wouldn't suffice: instead I decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods after a bout of washing up (~4 days worth...).

The walk was nice. I chose to just put walking shoes on my interview outfit, and so took to the woods in smart trousers, a shirt and a v-neck, which in retrospect probably isn't the most desirable outfit. Especially because aforementioned precipitation all seemed to coalesce into giant muddy puddles all along my planned path through the woods. After jumping across puddles to safe patches of dry for a while, I decided I looked a prat and decided to man up, and from then on strolled carefreely (word?) through the puddles, deciding that any mud on my trousers would come off in the wash so fuck it.

About half way through the walk, a dog (Mollie) took offence to my presence and started barking at me. I wouldn't mind but the owners assured me 'she doesn't normally do that!', which is little comfort anyway but combined with the fact that it's not the first unprovoked barking I've received this year, makes me feel slightly uneasy.

Mad dogs aside, I continued, and found an unspoiled patch of grass atop the hill. Unspoiled of course, apart from the 2 grafitti covered benches at the far side, one of which I sat on for a while and had a think about some things. I then walked to the bus stop and got the bus down the hill (lazy? Perhaps, but I'm determined to get my money's worth for my weekly travelcard).

Now I'm going to watch an episode of Scrubs, eat a Cornish pasty, 24 oven chips and ~half a tin of beans, then wash up the remainder of the dirties, tidy up a bit, and then commence my blog rampage.